Stop Playing Fetch

SAMUEL SAYS: THE CLIENT NEEDS TO BE INVESTED IN THE SALES PROCESS Weekends at the vineyard were Samuel’s favorite. They gave him the chance to hit up hundreds of different people for a game of fetch. As soon as they got out of their car in the parking lot, he would drop his ball at... Read More

Work Like A Dog – Plan to Succeed

SAMUEL SAYS: PLANNING AND DISCIPLINE ARE KEY TO SALES SUCCESS. You’ve heard it a thousand times: Fail to plan, or plan to fail. There’s a reason that adages like this become common – they’re true. I know that as successful sales people, we are the best and brightest, but even seasoned pros need to be... Read More

Roam in Packs – Allied Partners and Your Clients

  SAMUEL SAYS: COMMUNITY MARKETING IS MORE POWERFUL THAN CONTENT MARKETING. Gone are the days when content marketing emails are successful. No matter how creative you are, or how intricate your mass mail program is, your clients will know that the email casually addressed to them “Hey Steve, I saw this and thought of you…”... Read More

Three Effective Ways to Use Chatbots

Chatbots – you may have heard about them, you may even have spoken to one of them. But, what are they and why should you care? In short, chatbots are a relatively new development in the world of marketing automation. They offer massive potential to businesses in terms of operational efficiency, time-to-task activity and overall... Read More

Accelerate! Podcast Appearance

Over the last decade, buyers have turned to the internet instead of salespeople for information. Instead of indicating that sales teams will become obsolete, it just means that we need to evolve to meet this new breed of buyer. Recently with Andy Paul on the Accelerate! podcast, I had the chance to address some of... Read More

Storytelling in Sales – Podcast Appearance

The best salespeople are storytellers. Seriously. Storytelling is an integral part of what sets apart stellar salespeople from the order takers. To truly connect with your clients, you need to make them the HERO of the story, and I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts about it on the Sales Training and Coaching Podcast with... Read More

Who Will Feed the Dog? Decision Makers at the Table

SAMUEL SAYS: BE CLEAR ON WHO IS AT THE TABLE AND WHY Project management and procurement teams have evolved and completely changed the way purchasing decisions are made. The old-school approach of going straight to the top decision maker or check-signer is obsolete. Today’s salespeople understand that while there may be one person who leads... Read More

What Should Your Sales Manager Really be Doing?

Now that automation has changed the role and responsibilities of sales and marketing, how should your managers be spending their time? Sales management is no longer about monitoring and reporting the performance of the sales team and joining them for occasional customer visits. We have seen a dramatic shift in sales and marketing functions over... Read More