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The reality is that we all do some sales and marketing in our roles today - only not everyone is trained for it. It can be a tedious subject for those new to it.

The Mongrel Method is a series of stories about Samuel, the mongrel mutt, and his experiences in a vineyard dealing with customers. He interacts with everyone from a supermarket chain president looking for a long-term bulk contract to visitors on day trips looking for an experience and a single bottle of wine.

The sales analogies are entertaining and memorable — but can most importantly be immediately implemented at all levels.

The Mongrel Method is about a sales conversation, not a sales push. It appreciates that buyers today are already well into the sales cycle before even talking with a sales person - and that our job is all about enabling their decision.

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Roaming in Packs -The power of community and influencer marketing.
Move beyond the push of content marketing. Use your customer pack to influence new customers and guide your product and service innovation. Build user-generated content and accept that paid market research and product development is dead.

Poodles Bite Too - How client intent killed market segmentation.
Marketers used to talk about demographics, geographics and maybe psychographics. The younger marketers spoke about personas. There is no excuse today for imposing your biases and assumptions on your clients. The world has moved on.

Like a Dog with a Phone - Mobile first is the marketing reality.
The client starts via mobile, but the marketing department responds on a desktop? What? If your marketing isn't about mobile first, you are missing 60% of the time you could be interacting with your client.

Sales, take one step to the right and get to know the project office.
A lot of people understand that sales and marketing have come to together and that marketing know is an integral part of the qualification process. This doesn't mean that the sales process has shrunk, but rather, shifted towards project implementation. The process of scoping a project now looks a lot like the sales qualification process.

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