Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching can be boring with lots of power points and lots of theory with a liberal dose of  raha motivational stuff.  The Mongrel Method is different.

We take a very hands on approach so that your team is working on their own opportunities, the skills they learn and the toolbox they build is documented into action items for tomorrow.

The Mongrel Method is built on a series of metaphors ofwhat Sam did around the vineyard.  Because the stories are relatable and mildly amusing the learnings stick and are repeatable long after the coaching has been completed.

Sales is no longer a stand alone part of the business.  Marketing is now a key ally of the sales team. We spend time on helping the teams work together.  In addition, we spend time on other parts of the business that might be customer touch points or required for the successful deployment of your solutions so that sales success is not purely a function of the sales function


Marketing today have a very different brief.  They are now just as accountable as sales for the revenue.  To the point that the term "Smarketing" gets thrown around.  Marketing is no longer the vague art of place, promotion, price and product.  (Does anyone remember the 4 Ps of the marketing mix?) Now its an exacting science where customer engagement can measured live and customer intent is tracked

We work with marketing teams to make major transitions in their approach or defined projects to tackle the particular challenges or issues.