Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Three Effective Ways to Use Chatbots

Chatbots – you may have heard about them, you may even have spoken to one of them. But, what are they and why should you care? In short, chatbots are a relatively new development in the world of marketing automation. They offer massive potential to businesses in terms of operational efficiency, time-to-task activity and overall... Read More

Accelerate! Podcast Appearance

Over the last decade, buyers have turned to the internet instead of salespeople for information. Instead of indicating that sales teams will become obsolete, it just means that we need to evolve to meet this new breed of buyer. Recently with Andy Paul on the Accelerate! podcast, I had the chance to address some of... Read More

Going to the Vet – Digging for Evidence that Your Solution Fits Your Client

SAMUEL SAYS: DIAGNOSIS SHOULD ALWAYS PROCEED PROGNOSIS By jumping straight into a solution or “prognosis” during a sales appointment, there’s a high likelihood you’ll blow the opportunity and lose the sale. A good salesperson will tell you that the majority of your time during a client meeting should be spent in uncovering your client’s needs... Read More

Like a Dog With a Phone – Why Marketing MUST Begin With Mobile

SAMUEL SAYS: MARKETING BEGINS WITH MOBILE. Since our society has come to expect access to whatever we want in just one click, businesses that overcomplicate the process alienate themselves. Simply put, if your marketing efforts aren’t mobile centric, then you aren’t serious about client engagement. But you want to be, which is why you’re here,... Read More

Cold Calling is Dead

Cold Calling is Dead (Finally!)   Admit it. No salesperson in their right mind enjoys cold calling.   Thankfully the days of whipping out a phone book and calling all the listings under Electrical Supply to see if any of them need your product are long over. But prospecting is still a big part of... Read More