The Mongrel Method Sales and Marketing for the New Breed of Buyers

Clients today are halfway through their buying journey before even speaking with a salesperson, and this new era requires new methods. There are so many places to engage with customers online, offline, and on their phones that you cannot focus on just one spot. You need to mix it up. Fortunately, Steve de Mamiel and his dog, a mixed-breed named Samuel, are here with a simplified approach for these complex times.

Inspired by Steve’s years of experience coaching this subject—and his dog—The Mongrel Method uses anecdotes about Samuel, as well as real-life examples, to guide you through Steve’s mixed-tactics approach to sales and marketing. Steve explores the importance of today’s techniques like big data, analytics, personas, micro-moments and automation. He demonstrates how shifting your focus to client intent, social listening and community marketing will help build understanding of your customers’ needs.

A purebred, or one-sided, approach to sales and marketing won’t help you achieve success. A mixed approach is best. With the tips and strategies in this book, including “Samuel Says” wisdom nuggets and “Best in Show” chapter takeaways, you will avoid common roadblocks and enhance daily practices. Most importantly you will find that success comes when you stop selling and start solving for your clients.

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