Sales training is boring!

We all have heard the numbers.  Only about 20% of training is recalled after delivery.  Nearly all of it is lost a year later.  The Mongrel Method is based on a series of anecdotes  that are memorable, that relate to everyday sales activities.

The training is reinforced by applying it directly to current opportunities.  Its not all powerslides and a talking head.  Its about practical application and learnings that stick

The Background

In 20 years of a sales and marketing career that included everything from standing at the counter of cellar sales of a vineyard and observing what worked and what didn't.  Through to running the sales and marketing function of global IT companies, a lot has been learnt and observed.  In the last 5 years there has been massive change that has taken place in what sales and marketing means.  They use to be discreet functions but today they need to work hand-in-hand for a company to be successful

Now its time to share that knowledge........

There are a couple of ways to learn more about the Mongrel Mutt Method, either buy the book or get in touch to talk about sales coaching, strategy development or if you need a speaker for your next event.  Like the focus on the Method, its all about taking action.  Start with a quick email if you would like to get things moving

Take Action!