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Author Hour podcast with Charlie Hoehn

In case you haven’t heard, I wrote a book! The Mongrel Method sums up my knowledge of sales and marketing techniques in our new tech-addicted society.

Elsewhere on the website (like here) you can get the first chapter free. But it you want to hear more about the book and why I thought it was so important to write, then have a listen to this podcast on Author Hour.

Click here for the podcast!

With Charlie Hoehn, we cover topics such as:

  • My long history in sales and how I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) a lot of lessons on how to really connect with my clients.
  • I share stories from the training classes that I teach – and most of them are pretty funny.
  • You’ll get an overview on just why I’m crazy enough to use a canine analogy in my training.
  • How the sales and marketing industry has changed with technological advances.
  • How to make marketing more approachable.

Have a listen to the podcast here, or better yet, go ahead and buy the book by clicking here!

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