the benefits of salespeople handing off leads

The Forgotten Marketing Persona Podcast

Getting a salesperson to hand a client over after they’ve interacted is quite likely the most difficult thing a DoS will ever do, but it may be the most impactful thing for the team.

Think about it. Once a sales person interacts with a client, they “own” them, right? From the first needs assessment, the potential client belongs to the salesperson who handles all future contact with them. That can be good, but frequently it’s exactly the opposite, especially when they learn that the client isn’t quite ready just yet. Let’s face it. A CRM that tracks future follow up isn’t adaptive or proactive.

What if, when a client isn’t quite ready to buy, the salesperson hands them back over to Marketing?

The potential here is huge. With advancements in targeted ads, the marketing department can literally place information in front of buyers exactly at the time they are looking to buy. But you might never had known that if the client’s information is growing moss in a CRM.


I had the opportunity to sit down with James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media to talk about the benefits of salespeople handing off leads when the client isn’t quite ready. We discussed the benefits of a marketing and sales department working hand in hand, with each owning accountability for revenue generation.

It’s a different way of looking at things for most sales departments, but I’d love for you to have a listen and share your thoughts.

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