Training and development of your team in group or individual sessions.  Courses range from 2-5 days.  For both sales and marketing management as well as the team


Looking for a speaker that will entertain the crowd plus deliver value that can be taken away and implemented tomorrow in the business?


Get your sales and marketing strategy right for today's buyer, look at your current processes or bring sales and marketing together for joint accountability

Sales and Marketing for the new breed of buyer

By the time the client engages directly with the sales team, they are now half way through the their buying decision.  Opinions are formed and strong biases have developed.

The smart phone and online communities have changed the game.  Sales and marketing have come together, marketing is no longer an art but a very accountable science in the same way sales is accountable.

The Mongrel Method is a practical and memorable delivery of the skills and more importantly the actions for todays sales and marketing teams.